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Walking [OTA]
The things going on with Vicki, and Elena telling him to stay away was weighing on him. He couldn't help how he felt, how she made him feel. He felt like he was abandoning her in a way. He slipped out of the house without his sister knowing. He knew she'd be upset, and worried.

He walked through the graveyard, needing to figure out what he was going to do. He wanted to find Vicki, wanted to know she was alright. Yet everyone was telling him she was dangerous, and it confused him more.

lips of an angel
She used to be so good, at school, at life, at cheering. She had the boy and she had the social status, she was perfect. That was until the past summer when they were in the car wreck. She hasn't been perfect since. But, she kept her cracks and bruises hidden away in her diary, everything written down on those pages. It was her life-saver, besides Jeremy, it was her everything. Sure she cared about Jenna and her friends, but none of them saw the Elena Gilbert who lived and breathed in those pages.

Sitting in the highschool library she was at a table in the back writing in her diary instead of doing that English essay.

Out and About [OTA]
A glance
Stefan wasn't enjoying himself as much as he used to. He knew it was his fault, his fault for thinking he could just live a normal life. This debacle with Elena proved that to him. He wasn't a normal guy, and couldn't pretend to be, and he knew that she deserved so, so much better.

He just couldn't help he felt he was dying inside, wanting the pain and sting of it all to just go away. He became distant, football helped alleviate some of his frustration. He was at a point that somewhere deep in his mind, he wondered if leaving was the best idea in the long run, to make it easier on everyone.

He went for a walk then to clear his head, where he'd be found with his hands in his pockets.

Open to all interaction
and then she was like
Cheerleading practice was pretty much the only thing Caroline rolled out of bed before noon for anymore.  And even then, there were times when Damon somehow managed to persuade her to stay in bed for a half hour more, so that he had to drive her to practice later to even begin to make it on time.  That never used to happen with any of Caroline's other boyfriends, but Damon was special and hot and older and Caroline was willing to sacrifice a few cheer squad practices in order to keep him interested.

But at the moment she was concentrating fully on backflips and cartwheels and making sure their latest performance piece just straddled the line between sexy and smutty.  It was a football game, after all, and the parentals would be watching.  Well, not hers but everyone else's.  Caroline couldn't get her mother and father in the same state as one another, let alone the same football stadium.  And besides, her mother was working.  Her mother was always working.

Executing a perfect back handspring, Caroline wiped sweat from her brow and told the rest of the squad to take a break.  While they collapsed where they stood, she tugged at the scarf around her neck and walked off a little ways in search of the water fountain.  She'd forgotten her own bottle in Damon's car.  She'd been forgetting a lot of things lately...

You make my heart beat faster and faster. [From Caroline to Damon]
It had been so weird earlier that day. Once minute she was getting more towels for the car wash and then the next she saw him. She could never quite remember what it was that he had done to her but she had moments of passion left burning in her brain. Just fragments of time together. Elena and Bonnie had both told her to leave him alone, that he was bad and had abused her, but she couldn't. Not when she had memories of those sizzling hot kisses, ice cold touch, teeth grazing the skin... that was as much as she could remember. Mostly her thoughts were met with black empty places and sometimes a snowy screen. It was like someone took the video tape of her memory and had recorded over.... erased.

Sitting in her bedroom in front of her her mirror she couldn't help to look at the fading bite marks on her neck. With each brush stroke thought her golden hair she continued to think... had the pain she'd forgotten really worth it? Despite his chasing her earlier and her fear of him she still wanted him. She still waited for him to come.

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