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The Vampire Diaries Dressing Room

All Salvatores Welcome~

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4bidden: A multi fandom BDSM game
Supernatural - Dean Angel
needtake_have wrote in vampdi_dressing
Our Elena Gilbert player is looking for an Elijah to be Elena's Master. We also have a Caroline and Klaus that would like to see Elijah in game!


One bite and it was all over.

When Eve took the infamous bite of the Forbidden Fruit, not only were she and Adam banished from Eden and forced into a world where they were unprotected, the gates to the supernatural realm were opened. Rather than lurking in the shadows, supernaturals flooded the earth. Deeming themselves the superior race, the supernaturals enslaved the humans, forcing them to bend to their whim in every way imaginable.

Thousands of years passed before the humans had had enough and banded together to fight back. The war spanned centuries, and in the end, the humans were defeated. Impressed at how valiantly the humans had fought, The Council made a deal with the humans. Instead of enslaving the entire human race, a lottery would be held. The humans would be free to live their lives however they wished. Between the ages of 16 and 30, though, they would be entered into the lottery, and if chosen, they would be sold into slavery, their possessions as well as their bodies becoming the property of whoever bought them. The humans balked at the idea, insisting that the supernaturals be entered into the lottery, as well. That notion was vetoed, of course, but The Council suggested a compromise. Though they were unwilling to enter ALL supernatural beings into the lottery, they were willing to enter some of the lesser supernatural races. The humans, still greatly outnumbered, were forced to agree.

Through the years, the system has been edited. For the most part, though, the system has remained the same. This is the start of your story. Will you be a master? A slave? Apply and enter the world of 4bidden. Original characters and canon characters are welcome. The game starts July 6th, 2014.

Game will start July 6th. APPLY TODAY.

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