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The Vampire Diaries Dressing Room

All Salvatores Welcome~

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(no subject)
Cute look
iwantyourdrama wrote in vampdi_dressing
Couch? Not so comfortable when you're alone. It doesn't have the same appeal

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I am, I just haven't posted there. I've been in a minor slump with Caro here

OOC: Well, when/if you do, or I could create one? - I'd like her to meet Bonnie McCullogh. ^_-

PS. Adding you as a friend, 'kay? XD;

If you want to that would be awesome :)

OH! YAY! You wanna make the entry? XD'

might be better if you did, lately I'm too tired to even barely think of a sentence to post lol

I will, in a bit. Watch out for it. ^_-

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