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Cute look
iwantyourdrama wrote in vampdi_dressing
Couch? Not so comfortable when you're alone. It doesn't have the same appeal

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The Grill sounds like a perfect idea - one that I wouldn't mind in the slightest.

I play her post season 1 - she dated Matt but it didn't work out. I can not ship them at all. I tried. and Damon got bored and decided to play with her a little bit (She has a thing for Tyler heh)

*smiles at her, links arms and pulls them both up to standing position*

My treat. ^_^

OOC: I seeeeeeeeeeee. Hmm, well, I do ship them, tho Matt kinda nnoys me because he's not exactly tactful about his past with Elena. Poor Care, she just wants love. And, okay, Damon playing is always HOT.

This calls for milkshakes with burgers, fries and maybe even onion rings if the mood strikes us. [Caroline was in the mood to devour as much junk food as she possibly could.]

ooc: matt just bores me to death. he's like this little cardboard figure that's just..there.

Wow, that's quite the appetite...*walks beside her, smiling* The Grill?

OOC: BTW, if you know any other L.J.Smith series, tell me?

Greasy food is really the best company a girl can have [Gives a small grin]

the only other series that I really know by her is Night World.

*smiles back* Let's go, then. *wraps a scarf around her neck, teasingly motherly*

OOC: OMG. I LOVE YOU. Please make a character for it and join cafe_redfern if you're interested!

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