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The Vampire Diaries Dressing Room

All Salvatores Welcome~

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Open to anyone, spoilers for episode 8
vamp_lexi wrote in vampdi_dressing

"Ahhh...that feels so good."

Lexi murmured while drying off her long golden blonde hair with a towel, standing in the middle of the bathroom of the Salvatore boarding house. She'd woken up in a dumpster, covered in all kinds of yuck, followed by several layers of ew. There were smells in that dumpster that she would never be able to forget and she had spent a full hour scrubbing her skin raw in the shower to ensure she came out squeaky clean and smelling like.....well whichever Salvatore used BOD spray. It's not like she had much of a choice, this place had obviously lacked a woman's touch for atleast a century, if not more. She hadn't been able to locate anything with a less musky scent to it, so she'd had to settle for smelling like a guy for awhile. Really, anything to get that awful dumpster smell out of her sense was good enough for her.

Wasn't it just her luck? She couldn't find the overnight bag of clothes she'd brought with her. Which left her in a towel yet again, until she decided to steal a shirt from Stefan's room. It was quite a bit baggy on her, but it would do. There was no way his pants were going to fit her, so she'd been forced to shift through Damon's stuff. His pants weren't too baggy on her. Don't get her wrong, she was absolutely pissed at Damon, infact she'd problably rip him a new one when she saw him, but at the moment  she was dealing with this one crisis at a time. Now that she was clean and fully clothed, she decided to sit tight and wait for someone to show up. She knew Stefan would be shocked to see her. By all rights, she should have stayed dead, but the Salvatore brothers weren't the only ones with special rings.

(This Lexi is versed after episode 8. Basically the explanation for her continued existence is that her mood ring was enchanted by a powerful witch, so it basically acts like the Gem of Amara in the Buffyverse,except she can't go out in the sunlight. Everytime she's staked or burned, she'll heal and ressurect in a few days. Mun hopes this is satisfies everyone)

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OOC: Okay, you may not see this as it was posted TYYYYYME back, but...

Bonnie McCullogh was having the worst of nights. Her car had broken down, with not a repair garage in sight, so she'd had to walk back. Spotting a house, she went up to it and knocked loudly on the door, hoping someone was home. Spooky settings never diturbed her, as a psychic witch, she was about the only scary thing to her these days. Her visions were eratic and unpredictable lately...

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