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for without_thepast, but anyone can reply - [tv spoilers]
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Elena was sure she hadn't cried this much in months. Not since the accident, anyway. Her throat burned with the effort of trying to hold it in, hold back the almost violent sobs that kept taking over every time she thought about it, but it was turning out to be impossible. Every time she cleared her head long enough to realize how stupid it was, sitting in her room thinking about how much everything hurt, reality seemed to crash over her all over again. Long after Bonnie left, she still sat curled up in her blankets and cried.

It wasn't until the sun started to shine through her window that she realized she hadn't slept, and Elena forced herself out of bed. Her throat was dry, eyes red, and it took three glasses of water to take away the dizziness of dehydration. Jeremy wasn't awake yet and she wasn't sure if her aunt was even home, but soon she was back up in her room, changing into her old cheer practice shorts and sneakers, and left her house through the front door. Elena wasn't much of a runner; cheerleading was really the only sport she had ever played. But for now she just wanted to run, tucking her hands into the sleeves of her hoodie and letting her feet carry her.

By the time she needed to stop to catch her breath, her sweatshirt had been taken off in favor of a tank top, and her ponytail was hardly holding her hair back anymore. Elena almost sat down right where she stopped, but then realized that she had ended up in front of Stefan's house. The same place she always seemed to go to when when she needed to get away lately. Her feet were heavy as she walked back towards the main road, though she didn't seem to notice just how cold the November air was on her skin. It didn't matter. She knew she wasn't supposed to go there anymore, and it was only going to make things worse if Stefan noticed her outside.

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Stefan had spent most of the night reveling in complete and utter turmoil. Turmoil that he hoped he hadn't brought into Elena's life as well. When she had no longer wished to see him she was thinking clearly. With the events of the previous night, however, she was not. He had to convince himself over and over again that that's all there was to it. Safety over selfishness, he thought to himself.

He had been pacing on the side of the house for some time when he spotted her. Fresh air wasn't exactly working, and he'd yet to speak to Damon about what happened. While he knew that it was best he stayed away from her, just as he had when he moved here, he felt compelled to disregard that sense once more. When Elena began walking away he assumed she hadn't seen him, most likely caught up in her own little world. He called after her, despite his better judgment.

"Elena? What are you doing out here?"

Elena's eyes shut tight once she stopped in her tracks, though once she turned around she had schooled her expression into something at least halfway cheerful. She wouldn't be at all surprised if he saw right through it though. "I'm not sure, actually," she started, then gave him a half-smile at how lame that sounded. "I mean. I went for a run and just sort of ended up here, I guess. I didn't mean to, um. Disrupt you or anything. If you were busy doing something. Or... something."

Gods, this was going horribly. Apparently Elena was terrible at hiding just how much she hated rejection, or at least talking her way out of being in that type of situation. Her foot scuffed at the ground in front of her, arms crossed over her middle. "I'm surprised you're still here, actually. Thought you would have left by now." That didn't come out as pathetically sad as she thought it sounded, did it? Damn.

He spoke before he had a chance to over-analyze what he was going to say. "There are many things to sort out. As much as picking up and leaving immediately would be easier, it's unfortunately not in the cards for me as it seems to have been for Damon." After giving his best attempt at a smile he folded his arms and waited. He wasn't sure what exactly he was waiting for, however. Perhaps a rewind button...

"Oh." Well, that was a stunningly boring answer. Elena Gilbert, ever eloquent in awkward situations. It didn't help that his smile made her brain shut off, but she had to learn to ignore that feeling. "Um. So Damon's gone already? I thought the sky seemed a little brighter today," she joked, looking down at his feet while she smiled. This was pathetic. The guy she was clearly in love with hadn't left town like he said he would, and she was trying to make small talk with him.

"Do you want to go for a walk, maybe? Or just sit and talk somewhere?" she said, inwardly adding 'please?' and her expression showed it.

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