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The Vampire Diaries Dressing Room

All Salvatores Welcome~

4bidden: A multi fandom BDSM game
Supernatural - Dean Angel
Our Elena Gilbert player is looking for an Elijah to be Elena's Master. We also have a Caroline and Klaus that would like to see Elijah in game!

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Cute look
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Open to anyone, spoilers for episode 8

"Ahhh...that feels so good."

Lexi murmured while drying off her long golden blonde hair with a towel, standing in the middle of the bathroom of the Salvatore boarding house. She'd woken up in a dumpster, covered in all kinds of yuck, followed by several layers of ew. There were smells in that dumpster that she would never be able to forget and she had spent a full hour scrubbing her skin raw in the shower to ensure she came out squeaky clean and smelling like.....well whichever Salvatore used BOD spray. It's not like she had much of a choice, this place had obviously lacked a woman's touch for atleast a century, if not more. She hadn't been able to locate anything with a less musky scent to it, so she'd had to settle for smelling like a guy for awhile. Really, anything to get that awful dumpster smell out of her sense was good enough for her.

Wasn't it just her luck? She couldn't find the overnight bag of clothes she'd brought with her. Which left her in a towel yet again, until she decided to steal a shirt from Stefan's room. It was quite a bit baggy on her, but it would do. There was no way his pants were going to fit her, so she'd been forced to shift through Damon's stuff. His pants weren't too baggy on her. Don't get her wrong, she was absolutely pissed at Damon, infact she'd problably rip him a new one when she saw him, but at the moment  she was dealing with this one crisis at a time. Now that she was clean and fully clothed, she decided to sit tight and wait for someone to show up. She knew Stefan would be shocked to see her. By all rights, she should have stayed dead, but the Salvatore brothers weren't the only ones with special rings.

(This Lexi is versed after episode 8. Basically the explanation for her continued existence is that her mood ring was enchanted by a powerful witch, so it basically acts like the Gem of Amara in the Buffyverse,except she can't go out in the sunlight. Everytime she's staked or burned, she'll heal and ressurect in a few days. Mun hopes this is satisfies everyone)

for without_thepast, but anyone can reply - [tv spoilers]
(shock.), (devastated.)
Elena was sure she hadn't cried this much in months...Collapse )

TXT MSSG 4 STEFAN but open to any live-action
answer my texts stefan
Stefan.  You owe me a new shirt.

The Morning After (OTA, especially Matt Donovan - Spoilers)
when the morning comes
Caroline woke up with a splitting headache and the urge to be sick.  After a few measured breaths and five minutes of lying perfectly still, the urge to be sick went away.  The headache didn't.  Groaning, she rubbed a hand over her eyes and made a face at the horrible taste in her mouth.  Obviously she'd had way too much to drink last night, which would explain why she didn't remember most of it.  Unfortunately, she did still remember the worst parts, like Damon calling her useless and shallow and stupid.  Those words seemed permanently etched in her memory and the cold way he said them and walked away, like she was nothing.  It wasn't fair!  She did everything he wanted, everything. 

Okay, so she didn't get the stupid necklace back from Bonnie but what was the big deal?  It was a piece of junk, she was sure it wasn't worth anything.  Damon hadn't even known he'd dropped it, it was Caroline who'd picked it up for him in the first place.  And she'd forgiven him for being scary and abusive and mean only to have him dump her at her own party.  Then there was Bonnie who looked disgusted with her for trying to take back the necklace, even though they were supposed to be best friends.

But who'd been there for her at the end of the night?  Not Bonnie, not Damon, and not Elena.  But someone had been there.  Caroline remembered wrapping her arms around someone's neck and being carried home.

Her sheets were rumpled but she still had her dress from the night before on.  Whoever took her home didn't take advantage.

'Well there's a first,' she thought wryly to herself as she headed to the shower.

When she was washed and dressed and last night's alcohol had been scrubbed from her mouth, she wandered down the stairs in search of coffee.

Out walking and thinking [OTA] (Spoilers for newest episode)
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Graveyard [OTA] [Possible spoilers for recent episode]
Lately she'd had nothing but nightmares. Ever since finding out what Stefan was... the Halloween dance at school... They'd given her nightmares. Every time she'd closed her eyes all she saw was Stefan and Damon. Saw herself being bit and nearly drained dry. Saw Vicki being staked before her eyes. She knew why he'd done it. Knew that it had been done to protect her. But that didn't make... It couldn't be alright. And the fact that Damon had done as she asked. Something wasn't right there either. He must've wanted something.

Trying to clear her head she grabs her diary and heads out to the graveyard. Finding their gravestone she sits down and pulls her knees up a bit and sets her diary on them opening it up. Though a part of her was having a hard time finding something to write. It takes a few moments before she starts writing about Stefan. What had happened and what was going on. The thing with Vicki... everything she could think of. Even about Damon... or at least she'd started too before marking it out.

Somewhere I don't know....(Open to Elena or Jeremy.)*NEW EPISODE SPOILER*
please don't leave me by meemee_me
There were flashes... she remembered blood red and white. Sweet salty skin and the smell of fear in the air. School buses and screaming. Pavement and...haunting silence.


It wasn't quick like the last time..yet it was. Just  not the same kind. Last time it came out of nowhere and this time she almost knew. Almost. Through the blood rage and pain she knew; it's just that she couldn't control her body. It was scary. She remembers kissing Jeremy and his blood. In her mouth and it was making her insane so alive. His fear rolled off him in waves...as did Elena's. She hadn't really wanted to hurt Jeremy...it's just that she was SO hungry and it was SO much better than that crap Stefan gave her.

Elena... oh God.

She was only trying to help... the stupid bitch was only trying to help. Meddling into peoples affairs because she cares. Vicki had told her to leave this alone...TOLD her. If Vic was a rational person then she would understand Elena's worry over her brother but that was a trait Vicki had NEVER possessed.

The look on Elena's face when Stefan had staked done his heroic deed. Vicki could feel her horror.... she could hear Jeremy's screams of anguish. The dizzying feel of her life...unlife? It was draining out of her faster than anything she had ever experienced, faster than any drug high she had ever had. Everyone's voices seemed to grow fuzzier and fuzzier until she couldn't hear them at all. Blackness was coming in spots but she doesn't remember closing her eyes.

And then there were...waves? And a flashing in her eyes...what? Was this hell? Surely...because she'd never make it to heaven. It wasn't until she had heard a car go by that she snapped out of it. Jerking up right she looked around...breathing jagged and deep. She could see trees and water? She was sitting in water...sitting in a bank of water. Looking down she saw that she was at the shore and when she looked up again she saw that the flashing light was a neon red VACANCY sign. She was apparently in a river behind a motel. How did she get here? Why was she be here? How long had she been here?

Trying to stand up just wasn't working she she crawled....crawled towards the building until her shaky hands were touching it. Pulling herself up she swayed before catching herself. This was so fucking weird. Feeling a breeze she realized that she was still in her Halloween costume, the collar missing and the dress torn. Fuck, she only had one boot on too! Limping around the building she saw a ancient looking payphone at the corner. Making her way over to it she sighed in relief when she found that it still worked. Pressing the phone to her ear she dialed a collect call with shaky fingers.

She dialed the Gilbert's number.

[[OOC: This is my official storyline with Vicki now. So this is the story I'm sticking to! ;D]]

Wistful (Bonnie, Damon and Matt please and the BOOK world)
default - in their eyes

Shaking her damp hair out of her eyes, Bonnie curled one long flaming strand around her finger. 'I don't know why I keep doing this,' she thought bitterly. 'It really doesn't make me any taller at all.'

She paused from writing in her diary. What was she about to write in there? She couldn't remember but it had something to do with...

 'Stop!' Bonnie ordered herself sharply even as the image of Matt swam in fron tof her mind's eye, his blue eyes twinkling with warmth. 'Don't start all that again!'

Then she groaned as a different image came up, one of someone else who was unattainable and way out of her league. Damon Salvator smiled at her knowingly, his eyes black, shining like stars...

"Ugh!" She threw the red velvet book across her room and covered her eyes as she lay back down onto the bed. She hated this.

Glancing out of her window at the darkening sky, she let out a deep sigh. If only something good would happen to her once in awhile. She had a sudden image of a knight scaling a wall to reach his princess. She couldn't tell if she wanted Matt or Damon to be the one, but still snorted derisively.

There was only two things wrong with that image. One, neither of those said guys were even interested in her, and two, her room was hardly a tall, forbidding tower. Though it might as well be for all the guys who had ever actually ventured inside it...