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The Morning After (OTA, especially Matt Donovan - Spoilers)
when the morning comes
mysweetcaroline wrote in vampdi_dressing
Caroline woke up with a splitting headache and the urge to be sick.  After a few measured breaths and five minutes of lying perfectly still, the urge to be sick went away.  The headache didn't.  Groaning, she rubbed a hand over her eyes and made a face at the horrible taste in her mouth.  Obviously she'd had way too much to drink last night, which would explain why she didn't remember most of it.  Unfortunately, she did still remember the worst parts, like Damon calling her useless and shallow and stupid.  Those words seemed permanently etched in her memory and the cold way he said them and walked away, like she was nothing.  It wasn't fair!  She did everything he wanted, everything. 

Okay, so she didn't get the stupid necklace back from Bonnie but what was the big deal?  It was a piece of junk, she was sure it wasn't worth anything.  Damon hadn't even known he'd dropped it, it was Caroline who'd picked it up for him in the first place.  And she'd forgiven him for being scary and abusive and mean only to have him dump her at her own party.  Then there was Bonnie who looked disgusted with her for trying to take back the necklace, even though they were supposed to be best friends.

But who'd been there for her at the end of the night?  Not Bonnie, not Damon, and not Elena.  But someone had been there.  Caroline remembered wrapping her arms around someone's neck and being carried home.

Her sheets were rumpled but she still had her dress from the night before on.  Whoever took her home didn't take advantage.

'Well there's a first,' she thought wryly to herself as she headed to the shower.

When she was washed and dressed and last night's alcohol had been scrubbed from her mouth, she wandered down the stairs in search of coffee.


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