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Out walking and thinking [OTA] (Spoilers for newest episode)
drownsthepast wrote in vampdi_dressing
Jeremy felt alone all over again. He remembered the Halloween dance, and Vicki leading him off. He had been happy, he was happy a lot with her lately. She made him feel alive. Then she was gone, just like that. He didn't know when, or even why she left town. He was just left with this feeling that she was okay, that he shouldn't try finding her. That didn't change the fact he felt like part of him was gone, and he was just going through the motions of life all over again. He just couldn't help the depression sinking in, and he found himself in the graveyard with a bottle of vodka taking long drinks from the bottle.

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"I don't really care if she would or not." He didn't bother to turn around, taking another drink.

"Rude little shit, aren't you?" Damon sauntered around in front of him and grabbed the bottle out of his hands. "Want to tell me what's inspiring the booze-fest?"

"Hey!" Bonnie grabbed Damon's jacket arm angrily.

"Leave him alone!"

[[Sorry, but since Jeremy acknowledged her below and she's acknowledged Damon...I'm spoiling for a fight, so I'm joining in this thread. If it's aproblem, I'll delete it. ^_^;]]

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