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Graveyard [OTA] [Possible spoilers for recent episode]
sitsnagraveyard wrote in vampdi_dressing
Lately she'd had nothing but nightmares. Ever since finding out what Stefan was... the Halloween dance at school... They'd given her nightmares. Every time she'd closed her eyes all she saw was Stefan and Damon. Saw herself being bit and nearly drained dry. Saw Vicki being staked before her eyes. She knew why he'd done it. Knew that it had been done to protect her. But that didn't make... It couldn't be alright. And the fact that Damon had done as she asked. Something wasn't right there either. He must've wanted something.

Trying to clear her head she grabs her diary and heads out to the graveyard. Finding their gravestone she sits down and pulls her knees up a bit and sets her diary on them opening it up. Though a part of her was having a hard time finding something to write. It takes a few moments before she starts writing about Stefan. What had happened and what was going on. The thing with Vicki... everything she could think of. Even about Damon... or at least she'd started too before marking it out.

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Bonnie tapped Elena gently on the shoulder a while later.

"You okay?" she asked, smiling apologetically at her for just turning up out of the blue.

She nearly jumps out of her skin before turning a bit to look up at Bonnie. "I don't know... Everything's just... How did we get into this?" Even if she knew the answer. It was her fault. She'd seen a new boy and had wanted him.

"I'm...sorry, Elena."

Bonnie sat down beside her and leaned against her arm slowly, unable to answer.

"It will get better," she saiod determinedly.

'It has to,' she added inside.

"How're things going to get better? It's my fault all of this is even happening."

Or at least that's how she saw it.

"How'd you figure that?"

Bonnie frowned, confused.

"Because we'd be fine if I hadn't of gotten involved with Stefan." Or at least that's her logic to it all.

Bonnie took hold of her friend's shoulders firmly.

"Elena," she began, a stern expression on her face.

"You have to stop this. This feeling guilty because of being with Stefan. It. Is not. Your. Fault! Okay?"

She gives a small smile to that and shakes her head. Now if she could only believe that. Especially when it felt that way.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Bonnie sighed, the acceptance act not washing with her.

"Let's go to my place, okay?"

She stood up and brushed bracken and leaves off the back of her jeans, holding a hand out to her.


Closing her diary she reaches up and takes Bonnie's hand before getting up herself. After standing she brushes herself off and moves to stand beside her best friend.

"Lead the way."

Bonnie smiled at her, and swung their hands between them, a little happier now.

"Okay!" she chirped, starting forwards to where the exit was and where her warm, inviting car was waiting...

She gives a smile that actually shows in her eyes. She grips Bonnie's hand a little and tilts her head a bit to watch her.

"So what're we going to do?"

Since she's sure Bonnie will want to keep her from brooding or blaming herself.

Bonnie cocked her head to the side, thinking hard.

"Uhm...I don't know, Elena. What do you want to do? I'll do anything you want!"

She gave a smile, squeezing her hand before turning the key in the ignition.

"Shall we go hang out at the burger bar or something, if you're hungry? I bet you haven;t eaten much all day. Or...or we could go to mine straight away?"

Elena didn't know what she wanted to do. That was a loaded question. Sitting her diary under the passenger seat she leans back and relaxes. Feeling her best friend squeeze her hand, she nods a bit.

"Let's go get something to eat."

Because Bonnie was right. She hadn't eaten much all day. Actually, she hadn't eaten anything at all. The only reason why she'd thought of it at all was because of the girl beside her.

"Okay," Bonnie relpied, taking the next turn smoothly and pulling into a free space.

She got out, waiting for the other girl then gave a sly wink as she declared, "My treat."

She gets out and can't help but chuckle. "Your treat?" She shakes her head a bit at that but moves so she's by the other girl's side. "I guess I can let you do that." Not that she'd of been able to stop Bonnie. Once the girl's mind was set on something, she did it.


Bonnie beamed at Elena, glad she hadn't said no. Not that she'd have let her. She needed looking after.

She led the way in, pushing the door open and holding it for Elena to come in before closing it and selecting a booth for them both.

"So, what do you want to eat?" she asked her promptly.

Okay, Caroline Forbes was mad. Her phone calls were getting ignored, who ignores her? Well a not very smart person is who. Sighing in frustration Carol chucked her pink blackberry pearl on her dashboard as she drove down the road. She had been calling Bonnie and Elena both with no answer. Bitches. As she was driving she started to pass Mystic Grill she saw Bonnie's car out there. Ding ding ding! She know knew where they BOTH were.

Making a sharp turn Caroline pulled in, parking in a handicap at that, and marched her sassy little matching clothed ass right into the establishment. Spotting the girls at a booth she walked up to them and stood there with one hand on her hip and with other holding her new Prada bag.

"You cows wanna tell me why you are ignoring me? Hello! Called you guys like 50 times each?" she held her phone up.

Bonnie refrained from graoning out loud with some difficulty. This was just great; Caroline Forbes, Drama Queen and Snob Extraordinaire.

"Hi, Caroline."

She decided to be decent, even if she couldn't and besides, Elena wasn't up for an arguement right now.

"Well, we were...out," she said, with a sideways glance at Elena. "And my cell phone's at home. Charging. Sorry."

Elena was about ready to answer Bonnie when Caroline strolled in. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with the girl who used to be her best friend before all this crap that had happened. It was a bit too much to deal with. Looking over to Caroline with tired eyes, she sits back in the booth.

"And my phone has been dead since last night."

Or damn near close to it. So it wasn't like anyone could call her.

Bonnie could see how 'not in the mood' Elena was right now and wanted to just tell Caroline to leave them alone.

"Are you...going to eat something?2 she hinted, knowing the other girl wouldn't stay as she must have been sensible enough to eat before now.

There were hardly any people in the diner anyway...

Oh right... food. Something that she should really be doing right now. Eating. Though a part of her was amused at how Bonnie had hinted at that. She loved her best friend for a reason.

"How about some grilled cheese and chicken soup."

Not really paying attention to the fact that neither one of them really wanted her there she scooted Bonnie over and sat next to her. "You guys are eating? Good cos I'm like starving!" Grabbing a menu off the other end of the table she started scanning the entries.

"So did you guys have fun at the Halloween party last night?" She said with a sneer. "Since neither one of you bothered to let me know you left! It sucked being up there all alone with those losers. At least I didn't see Damon. OMG! Did you see what trashy outfit Vicki was wearing? S-L-U-T!"

Yeah... oblivious Caroline was oblivious.

Bonnie supressed another sigh and grimaced at Elena. Oh, well. It was worth a try at least.

"Uh...yeah, that sounds...fine with me." She nodded at the waiter, ordering two.

She glanced at Caroline when she mentioned Vicki, her tactlessness making her want to smack her.

"Shut up about Vicki." Elena states firmly when Caroline brings the other girl up. It took a lot for her not to reach up where she'd been bitten... But she manages not to. It was just annoying that Caroline would even so much as bring that up.

She gives a nod to Bonnie before leaning into her friend a bit. Couldn't people just get with the program and get the message? Leave subjects like that the hell alone.

Wow, that caught her off guard. This was so un-Elena like. Peeking over her menu at the other girl she couldn't contain her shock. "Jesus Elena, why so bitchy? She's just missing, why are people making SUCH a big deal? I mean, she's done this before! She probably off getting high some where. She'll come crawling back when she's good and ready."

Rolling her eyes she went back to the menu.

Bonnie slipped her free arm around Elena supportively, leaning her head against hers as she shook her head at the dumb blonde.

"Caroline...lay off. Elena is tired."

She picked up her spoon and took another dainty sip.

"Wow, you're so clueless Caroline. You really are." Yes, it was un-Elena like but right now the princess of Mystic Falls really didn't give a damn. She was tired... had nightmares and really wasn't in the mood for any of Caroline's crap. Not when she knew what had happened to Vicki. The girl wasn't off getting high or anything of the like. The girl was dead. DEAD dead. And she'd seen it happen right before her very eyes.

"Can we just pick up a new subject. Please." And the tiredness could probably be heard in her voice.

"Wh-what? What am I not getting?" The whine was very evident in her voice as she pouted. She didn't like being told what to do and she didn't like being made to feel stupid. It wasn't her fault that she didn't know Vicki was dead. Fuming quietly to herself she saw a waitress walk up and sat her menu down.

"I'll have the chicken Cesar salad, light dressing, and a diet coke."

'Of course she will,' Bonnie rolled her eyes as Caroline recited her order off.

She squeezed Elena's hand under the table, willing her to stay cool. They didn't need to stoop to her level and be petty...

"So, Caroline," she adressed the blonde. "Why were you calling us anyway?"

With her free hand she takes a sip of her sip before feeling Bonnie squeeze her hand under the table. Right... stay cool. She could do that. Maybe. Then again maybe not with how she was feeling right now. But they didn't need to stoop to Caroline's level. So she ignores the blonde's question and just keeps her attention to eating. Though when Bonne asks the other girl that, she sits back to listen.

She wanted to know why they were getting called as well.

Bonnie felt some of the tension ease out of Elena's expression, then come back with a vengeance. Oh, boy.

She focused on Caroline, waiting too.

By that time her diet coke had arrived so she grabbed it and slowly sipped through the straw. Sighing she let her shoulders slump. She hated when they acted like this. Like she was stupid, had no feelings, and all around self absorbed flake. But she'd never admit it. Rolling her eyes she smiled at the two. "Well, I was worried. Like I said, both of you left without saying anything and with everyone freaking out over Vic-- Matt's sister I just became worried. You guys usually don't do that. Neither one of you called any today and by just before I came in here I was mad. I thought you guys were purposely ignoring me." Another eye roll. By that time her salad had arrived.

Taking a few bites she looked at Elena. "What's wrong anyways? I haven't seen you act this was since... well. Yeah."

"Since what, Caroline?" She asks watching the other girl. She's trying to ignore everything that was coming up. Everything that... It just wouldn't do. "I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm dealing with a lot of stuff." Way too much stuff to be honest. She pushes her food away for the moment since Caroline was really ruining her appetite.

Choosing to defer the attention from Elena, Bonnie wisely chose a subject she knew would probably interest Caroline enough to talk about herself rather than bother them.

"What's going on with you and Damon nowadays, Caroline?"

"Well, since your parents died. Look I'm sorry I brought it up. It's just me being my typical airhead self I guess." She laughed but it didn't quite sound convincing. Finishing off her Salad she sat back while she sipped her diet coke.

"Ew, Bonnie. Me and Damon are DONE! I am so over him. Asshole."

Bonnie blinked. Wow.

'That's some venom she's injecting...'s he thought to herself.

"Why, what did he do?" she asked, despite herself.

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